What is a beat selling website

A beat-selling website or beatstore is a website consisting a music player and shopping cart which enables beat makers to sell and license their beats online.

There are different types of beat-selling websites, for different types of producers.

  • Traditional Beat Selling Website
  • Beat Market Place
    • Digital production marketplace that allows music producers to license and sell beats.Platforms such as beatstars and airbit. Usually, the marketplace platforms offer beat players to embed in your traditional beat website https
  • Hybrid
    • Most of the above types have integrated beat stores and players, which can not be customized. With this custom motion, you have full control of the whole beat-selling website, from the design to the hosting. This type of best-selling website requires time and costs to maintain as it is not a central platform. This option is more suitable for music producers who want to stand out and provide different experiences to buyers.

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