Top 5 Websites To sell beats online

What is a beat selling website? A beat selling website is set of related web page which enables you to sell beats online automatically.

Beat selling websites can fall under the specific categories. Some beat selling platforms only satisfy 1 cateory or all categories. For an example.

  • Website

a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization

  • Beatstore

System that intergratds a beat player and payment system to make automatic beat sales

  • Market Place

A marketplace is any location, whether in person or online, that facilitates the exchange of goods between buyers and sellers.

Some beat selling Platforms meet all these categories and some only satisfies one.

1. Beatstars (Website, Beatstore & Marketplace)

Founded by Abe Batshon in 2008, Beatstars is the number one leading marketplace for producers and artists, it is built by producers to help producers. This platform is a one-in-all for producers as it has features such as email marketing, Music distribution, Music publishing, Awards, and many more. Beatstars has a free plan and also a pro plan, a pro plan gives you a “Pro Page” which is a full website to sell beats, kits, and many for $19.99 a month. See Example. The free plan gives you a beatstore that can work together with youtube through a simple process. Beatstars is the best place to be if you want to grow as a beatmaker.

2. Airbit (Beatstore & Marketplace)

Airbit is a global platform made for independent music makers to buy, sell and collaborate on beats. Airbit is a beat selling platform just like beatstars. Choosing between the two is a matter of preference as they provide almost the same features for selling beats. Airbit has a cool youtube content ID system


3. Tracktrain (Beatstore & Marketplace)

TRAKTRAIN is a platform for buying and selling instrumentals. We connect artists who are looking to purchase hip-hop beats with producers that offer their music for sale.

Our first priority is to provide the best experience for our users. The website offers a UX-oriented design with an in-built music player and a set of convenient filters, including tags, searching by BPM, and key.

Free features
  • 10 GB storage limit – you can upload as many tracks as you want within the storage limit
  • Keep 100% of your mp3 sales – for the first 15 tracks uploaded, 75% for the rest
  • Keep 75% of your WAV & STEMs sales – sell more with high-quality audio files
  • Fully customizable contract terms – tweak your contract the way you like it
  • Embed our store widget into your website or social media pages and generate more profit
  • Offer price – use this feature to make more sales at prices offered by customers. The deal will only be closed after your confirmation of the price
Premium features
  • All of the free features are included, but sales commission is lowered*
  • Update your storage to 100 GB or get unlimited space for your tracks*
  • Use statistics to fine-tune ads of your beats on the TrakTrain website
  • No ads, period
  • Communicate with your customers with full control over mailing lists
  • Discount codes – encourage sales with individual discounts!
  • Direct purchase link – generate a link to post on any other website or social media that leads to your track purchase page
  • Offer price – use this feature to make more sales at prices offered by customers. The deal will only be closed after your confirmation of the price.

4. Sonaar Rebirth Template Kit (Website & Beatstore)

This is by far the most professional and powerful producer website. It has the most modern look out of everything on the list. In terms of functionality, the sonar music player is unmatched if you want to sell beats as well. The theme covers a wide range of music content, I am using a sonaar theme for my main website


Complete Websites

  • One-Click Install
  • Elementor Templates
  • Multilingual & Translation-ready
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Automatic Updates
  • Elementor Page Builder (Free Version)
  • Stunning AJAX Audio Player
  • Revolution Slider
  • Essential Grid
  • Mailchimp
  • WooCommerce
  • No Monthly subscriptions

5. (Website, Beatstore)

Beatstore UI Theme is an all-rounder music producer WordPress theme dedicated to helping create and own your own beat store. Professional, modern, responsive and lightweight, these theme comes with an integrated beatstore or beat player, which you can customize. Also added as part of the feature is a license pricing table, which is vital in every producer website. 

This theme supports the most popular store plugins woo-commerce and easy digital download, this means that you can add any supported payment gateways of your choice.


  • Beat Store
  • Powerful music player
  • Instant beat downloads
  • Instant payments
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Music contract
  • Track analytics
  • Responsive
  • Keep 100% Revenue from sales
  • Sell Sound Kits
  • Blog
  • No Monthly subscriptions


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