Just-Beat Maker One Page | Elementor Template Kit


Want to get started with Selling Beats on WordPress?

Just-Beat Maker is a WordPress template exclusively for music producers and beat makers. This template is built on Elementor which has endless customizations to make your beat selling website even more custom.


Want to get started with Selling Beats on WordPress?

Just-Beat Maker is the perfect WordPress theme for you to start selling your beats online. With Just-Beat Beat maker, you can make a beat selling website or beat store  beats in just a few clicks. It’s fast to install, easy to customize, and has no ongoing maintenance costs. This template is very light weight, minimalistic design which will ensure your customers are happy and satisfied.


  • Sell Beats
  • Licensing Table
  • Contact Section
  • Modern one page design
  • Supports any player (beatstars, sonaar, airbit and more)
  • Easy beat uploading and management
  • Highly Customisable
  • Responsive on All Devices
  • Easy To Install & Set Up
  • Fast & Light-weight

Website Demo


Since it is hosted via WordPress, you will need WordPress hosting.

The Just-Beat Maker Elementor Template Kit is everything you need to get started with a nice sleek-looking beat-selling website.

  • WordPress Hosting
    • This is to get your domain and hosting space. It costs as little as 3$ per month. Watch how to set up WordPress here.
  • Beatstars Account or Airbit
    • This template does not have a built-in beatstore so you will need a beatstars player. Ranges from FREE to 10$ per month depending on how many beats you want to upload.

Once you have that sorted out then you are ready!


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