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Just Recording Studio is a simple, modern, and responsive Elementor Template Kit for a recording studio. You can offer recording, mixing, mastering, and more studio-related services.

Do you want to increase your income as a music producer?

A recording studio is a proven way to get income for music producers, you don’t even need a big office space, you can run a recording studio from your bedroom and get the radio standard quality.

To run a successful business these days you need a website and my template kid is fully designed for a recording studio.

Live view

Since it is hosted via WordPress, you will need WordPress hosting.


  • WordPress Hosting
    • This is to get your domain and hosting space. It cost as little as 3$ per month. Watch how to set up WordPresshere.

Once you have that sorted out then you are ready!

Why Just-Beat Maker

  • Built by the A Music Producer for Music Producers
  • Very Cheap
  • Once-off
  • Customizable
  • Responsive

Purchase the Elementor Kit Below and use your skills to generate income!


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Just Recording Studio | Elementor Template Kit